Speed Chlam


Method: Membrane Immunochromatography

Analysis: Detection of LPS (lipopolysaccharide) antigens of Chlamydophila (formerly known as Chlamydia)

Sample: Conjunctival, oropharyngeal, or cloacal swab

Preparation: 10 minutes

Reading: 20 minutes

Storage: 24 months at room temperature (2°C - 30°C)

Presentation: 8 tests

Reliability : Compared with the reference method, cell culture:

Sensitivity: 90%
Specificity: 99.2%

No cross reaction has been observed seen with 27 other bacterial species (1)


Speed ChlamTM helps the clinician to establish a precise etiological diagnosis of conjunctivitis and enables the immediate instigation of appropriate treatment.

Specific to the genus Chlamydophila, Speed ChlamTM can be used in various susceptible species: cats, dogs, birds, ruminants, and horses.

Quick and easy, Speed ChlamTM can be performed in-house in 2 steps and can identify carrier animals in just 30 minutes.

Speed ChlamTM can be stored for 24 months at room temperature, between 2°C and 30°C.

Why use Speed Chlam TM ?

In cats, chlamydiosis (or chlamydophilosis) is associated with conjunctivitis and rhinitis from a very young age (6 - 8 weeks). Spontaneous improvement in the clinical status gives way to a chronic carrier state.

50% of infected cats relapse and regularly excrete these bacteria (2).

Chlamydophila is implicated in 10% to 30% of contagious coryzas (3, 4). In catteries, when it is present, chlamydiosis is endemic.

Chlamydiosis is a zoonosis, Speed ChlamTM therefore represents a valuable tool in preventing the transmission of the bacteria to man.

When use Speed Chlam TM ?

Speed ChlamTM can be used to differentiate between a bacterial and viral etiology in cases of conjunctivitis.

Prior to parturition, testing the mother with Speed ChlamTM can help to prevent infection of the kittens.

In catteries, Speed ChlamTM can be used to identify chronic carriers and protect healthy animals.

When introducing new animals, particularly in catteries, the determination of the immune status of these new arrivals can help to prevent infection of the rest of the group. Speed ChlamTM can also be used in birds, ruminants, and horses.

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